Mark Sanchez says 'there's a little magic in this place' as Jets land in Cortland

The New York Jets made their return to Central New York Thursday afternoon, arriving in Cortland for their preseason training camp.

"Its like my first day of college, says backup quarterback Tim Tebow, "its exciting, it's fun. I think it will be good for our team to get away. Of course we're gonna be isolated, be around each other twenty four seven."

"Show up here in the University and town here of Cortland," reflected quarterback Mark Sanchez, "it's the best place for us to shut the door and focus on us, focus on football."

After a work stoppage kept the Jets away in 2011, they arrived


with high hopes in mind, as last time they held their preseason in Cortland, they advanced all the way to the AFC Championship.

"We're just excited about practice tomorrow," says Sanchez, "we cant wait. Its long over due. I think everybody starting to get bord. You know, its time for football and I think the fans think so. We'll be ready."

The first practice open to the public wi


l be at 8:00am on Saturday.