Mark's Pizzeria Delivery Drivers Battle Snowy Roads

Mark's Pizzeria delivery drivers.

Customers are not just ordering pizza, they're ordering a night in, away from the storm.

Michael Baretsky works with Mark's Pizzeria as as the general manager of their Shop City location in Syracuse. "It's unpredictable, it's crazy. We just get tons of deliveries all at once," says Baretsky.

Even with all the snow Central New York, these pizza's need to get out to neighbors who are stuck at home in this weather.

Robert Smith is a delivery driver with Mark's Pizzeria. "We accommodate those, we bring them their food. They take care of us too as we deliver them to their homes," says Smith.

In a business where time is money, Drew Cook has to battle these roads across Syracuse as a delivery driver.


I had a delivery on Erie Blvd.
and I could not, I got stuck in a parking lot turning around and they were great about it," says Cook.

He has seen the numbers of deliveries double just from yesterday.


I know that I'm a decent driver, but I'm more worried about everyone else on the road. I've got snow tires, I know how my car runs

," says Cook.

Once the delivery gets to where it's going, these drivers' jobs are only half over.


t's a pain sometimes walking up steps to houses that aren't cleared out






know, what're you gonna do

," says Smith.


nce the snow falls onto the roads he uses to d


his job, Cook says the tips he get


really start to increase.


eople are a lot more generous when it's snowing out and they know that the roads are bad, that we have trouble getting out there to them

," says Cook.

Efforts made by these drivers who deliver the pizza and some peace of mind to their customers.