Mark's Pizzeria prepares for Superbowl Sunday

Mark's Pizzeria in Camillus


t's something that's synonymous with Super Bowl Sunday, ordering up some pizza and chicken wings.

Ashish Andrews was placing an order for pizza. "That's what everybody does, on Sunday's with football you gotta have pizza and chicken wings. I'm sure any household that you go to you'll find that combination, it goes hand in hand," says Andrews.

Mark's Pizzeria in Camillus was slammed with pizza orders going out to local Super Bowl parties.

John McWhoreter works at Mark's Pizzeria. "We gotta kind of plan accordingly and make sure all the timed orders get there first because people are calling ahead and want something at Five O'clock, we gotta get it to them by Five O'clock," says McWhoreter.

The hundreds of pizzas and pounds of chicken wings served up today are double what they serve on a regular Sunday.

What's difficult about Super Bowl Sunday is keeping up with orders that all seem to come in around the same time.

David Heffron is the owner of the Camillus store. "Around 4 O'Clock we should be expecting the phones to really start lighting up and getting ready for a very big rush," says Heffron.

"And then we got all those timed orders but we got everybody calling right at 5 O'clock ordering right on the spot," says McWhorter.

Mark's Pizzeria has just about their entire staff working on Super Bowl Sunday, including twelve drivers to bring all the pizzas and wings to their customers just in time for kick off.

"The drivers are all pretty good with it -- usually this is a good day for them they take a high volume of deliveries. They're looking forward to making some extra money today and there's no gripe about it, they're all very excited to be here, we're all very excited to be here," says Heffron.

Mark's Pizzeria says the SU-Duke game and Super Bowl Sunday have made this weekend one of its busiest and most profitable ever.