Married couple graduates OCC together

Married couple graduates OCC together.

A husband and wife have a lot to celebrate this weekend after graduating from Onondaga Community College.

Deyquan and Yajah Bowens both walked across the stage during Saturday's commencement, fulfilling their goal to finish college.

"We're just celebrating and happy that we're finished for now!"

"Likewise! This is a big milestone for us!"

For the Bowens, graduation day is finally here.

It's a moment that's been a long time coming after taking some time off to get married and start a family together.

"I appreciate going to college later in life. I'm more focused. When I was younger in 2006, I just took it for granted," Deyquan said.

The couple juggled jobs, school and their two toddlers.

"It was a struggle. It was very stressful but very rewarding at the end," Yajah explained. "It was very difficult balancing time for school family and with each other."

The Bowens hoping to inspire other adults to go back to school and earn a college diploma.

"Don't be afraid the age demographic is very broad here. When you initially come here you may think you're going to be the odd guy or woman out and it's not like that here..everyone is different in a good way," Yajah said.

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