Massachusetts Governor orders surprise inspections of pharmacies


ealth officials in
Massachusetts say they've uncovered unclean conditions at a pharmacy tied to a meningitis outbreak that sickened hundreds of people, and killed 23.


fficials found visible black specks of fungus in steroids made by
the pharmacy.

A state health department spokesman says the first inspection was done Tuesday, but won't reveal the name of the facility where the fungus was found. The results of the investigation are being reviewed.

Deval Patrick, the Governor of Massachusetts says the state is moving forward to revoke the license of the company and three pharmacists.

He's also ordering surprise inspections of certain pharmacies linked to the outbreak.


preliminary investigation found drugs were sent out before tests results on their sterility could be returned.

All who got sick received contaminated steroid injections.

Steroid shots from a compounding center just west of Boston are suspected in the meningitis outbreak, which has now made more than 300 people sick and left 23 dead.