Massive search underway in Clay, police search for evidence in murder-rape

An intense search is underway Verplank Road in the Town of Clay

An intense search is underway on Verplank Road in the Town of Clay where Lori Bresnahan was murdered Thursday night.

Police have been searching the area on and off since the murder, but neighbors say Mondayâ??s search is the most intense it has been. About 45 officials are moving side-by-side through the area.

Neighbors say it appears police are searching for more evidence in connection with the deadly incident, but police have not told neighbors what they are looking for.

Approximately 30 State Police and Sheriff's Investigators are being assisted by DEC Law Enforcement and Wilderness Search and Rescue.

Officials are also making use of K-9 units and metal detectors. The searchers are going side-by-side through yards and wooded areas.

One neighbor told Kenyon on Friday that police said they were looking for evidence that was used in connection with the crime.

David Renz is accused of kidnapping Bresnahan and a 10-year-old girl who was with her at Great Northern Mall in Clay. Renz allegedly raped the child before driving to Verplank Road where he killed Bresnahan.