Masterpole beats Kimatian for Syracuse Auditor

Democrat Marty Masterpole has beat Republican Steve Kimatian in the race for Syracuse Auditor. Masterpole pulled away with 57% of the vote, in what was expected to be a record-low year for voters. Onondaga County Election Commissioners predicted only 30% of registered voters would go to the polls today.

The race for auditor was oddly, one of the most talked about races this election year in Onondaga County. Just a few days before the election, news surfaced about an alleged money scandal. Republicans claimed that Mayor Stephanie Miner broke campaign finance rules when donating money to Democratic candidates, including Masterpole. Miner has since apologized for the "blunder" and all 4 candidates will return that money.

The auditor is the so-called "watchdog" for city government. The office serves as an independent check on the mayor, and also makes sure taxpayer money is being spent wisely.

Masterpole is a former Common Councilor and County Legislator. He says he plans to run an open and transparent office and focus on consolidating, and reigning in overtime costs. He takes office January 1st.