Matt's Memo: Congress comes to Syracuse

A gavel will strike shortly after 3:00 officially bringing the business of Washington to Syracuse. Freshman Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle is getting a bit of a plum in hosting a hearing for a subcommittee for which she is the Vice Chair. The committee name is a long one, too long to mention here. Its mission is to gather evidence about the burden of regulations on business, farming and local government.

Congresswoman Buerkle is the featured player in the hearings because it is her hometown. The republican controlled committee has eleven members. We don TMt know if they will all attend. If they do there are two familiar names. Connie Mack of Florida, who is the great-grandson of baseball TMs famous Connie Mack, and former presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich will both be there. Kucinich is the Cleveland area congressman known for his liberal ideas on the democratic side of the aisle.

The roster of registered speakers does not include regular folks off the streets. Business will be represented by one CEO and two leaders of business associations. Three farmers will have their say. Three government administrators will also talk about the effect of regulations on work in the public sector.

I will be at the hearing reporting for our newscasts, and our CNYcentral Twitter account. I will be looking for interesting nuggets and color that might make the otherwise mundane proceedings a little more interesting. I TMm already intrigued by the congresswoman telling us this week that she is explicitly looking for government regulations she can eliminate. She TMs not looking for a review of ones that work and others that don TMt. She wants them out.

Washington comes to Syracuse tomorrow. Follow along we TMll keep you informed.

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