Matt's Memo: Mother and child, Fulton feels the loss

There is no more perfect image than a mother holding her child. It is the essence of life. She cradles her newborn. They fit together as one, just as they were a few weeks before. She can TMt hold back the loving smile that comes from true joy. Tonight we saw that picture of a mother named Jalit and her two month old named Harlee. Sadly they will never experience that moment again.

A relative found Jalit dead in her apartment in Fulton. Her baby had died too. Police tell us they had not been seen for more than a week. The Medical Examiner says Jalit had a pre-existing condition that led to her death at the age of 25. They have not yet said what killed the baby, but she was so young, so fragile and likely left so alone when her mother passed on.

This mother and child were just getting to know each other. Jalit TMs friends say she was a wonderful mother. She was kind, a good co-worker and friend. Her neighbors enjoyed watching her walk the baby on the streets near one of the lone remaining industries in Fulton.

Her death hits the hardest, of course, for her family and friends. It has also stung anyone who has heard the news. We all believe in that image of the mother and child. It TMs supposed to be the symbol of life.

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