Matt's Memo: Pan Am 103 mother, Gadhafi murdered my daughter

After 23 years of the phone ringing Susan Cohen knows it's likely the person on the other end will have a question about Pan Am 103. When I called this afternoon there was little small talk required. She did have to go turn down the television where she had been watching the relatively sudden developments in Tripoli. The demise of the Gadhafi regime brought happiness to her heart. "It's a joyous day," she said. "To see the downfall of a terrible tyrant. "

Five presidents in the White House could not do what the Libyan people did this week. They brought Susan and Daniel Cohen justice for the murder of their daughter, Syracuse University student Theodora Cohen. Even though a Scottish court set up in the Netherlands convicted Abdelbaset Ali Al-Megrahi of murdering the 259 people on board the jumbo jet and eleven more on the ground, Cohen knows it was Libya's leader who gave the order. Cohen states it plainly, "Gadhafi is the one who murdered my daughter."

She does credit the Obama administration for facilitating and supporting the new National Council in Libya. Even more importantly she sends her gratitude to the Libyan people for their courage to rise up against the dictator. The next news she hopes to hear is that Moammar Gadhafi is dead or at least being brought to justice through some sort of trial. She would also like to see Al-Megrahi sent to the United States to either be tried or returned to prison.

Theodora would have turned 43 years old this October. The Cohen's have labored for a generation over what might have been for their only child. Daniel Cohen suffered a stroke two years ago. His wife says his he is not doing well these days. However, before she wrapped up our conversation she told me Daniel is also very happy to hear the news. The man responsible for killing their daughter in a terrorist act is no longer ruling Libya.

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