Mayor Bloombergâ??s next health crusade - earphones

Add cranked-up earphones to the list of health dangers Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants New Yorkers to quit.

The New York Post says city health officials plan to warn young people that they risk hearing loss from listening to music at high volume on personal music players.

The campaign will target teens and young adults using social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Music players that use "buds" inserted into the ears pose a greater threat to hearing than older devices. Government health surveys show hearing loss rose 30 percent among teens between 1988 and 2006.

The Fund for Public Health is providing a $250,000 grant for the campaign.

Other health groups also have launched public-education efforts about listening to earphones safely.

Bloomberg previously cracked down on smoking, junk food, trans fats and salt. His ban on extra-large sugary drinks takes effect March 12.