Mayor Miner after primary win: 'We are a city moving forward.'

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner thanked a room full of supporters for their help and said that even after four years in office she still feels like an underdog. Miner got 53% of the vote in Syracuse's Democratic mayoral primary and comfortably beat fellow Democrats Pat Hogan and Alfonso Davis.

In her victory speech, Miner echoed a line from her TV ad, saying "It is not easy but definitely worth it."

Hogan conceded the primary race but did not endorse Miner. Hogan seemed to leave the door open for his campaign to continue and has been courted by Republicans to run on their line in November's general election. Miner said she did not receive a concession phone call from Hogan on Tuesday night and she did not mention him in her speech.

Miner's speech focused on the accomplishments of her first term and the importance of cross-city unity.

"We are a city moving forward and we are going to move forward together," said Miner.

In an interview, Miner said she would continue to run her campaign as she had and was not focused on the possibility that Hogan could run against her again in November.