Mayor Stephanie Miner and Assemblyman Felix Ortiz tour water main break

W\after main break.

On Friday State Assemblyman Felix Ortiz came to Syracuse to look at the water main break right outside of city hall on Montgomery Street.

He was alongside Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner and city workers who were explaining what causes water mains to break and how they can be fixed.

Ortiz chairs the committee on cities and has proposed a bill called the 'Bond Act.' It would give the state two billion dollars to repair aging infrastructure like water mains.

He's touring with Mayor's across the state, including Utica and Rensselaer, looking to drum up support for the bill. Ortiz says many water mains in the city date as far back as the 1800s.

With more than a hundred water main breaks so far this year, he and the mayor say action needs to be taken now here in Syracuse and across the state.

"At the end of the day, it's about to insure that our infrastructure is about the new industry and the new manufacturing and the new economic development that will come to our cities and I think it's important that the Governor and the speaker listen to this and get the support we need in order to get it done," says Ortiz.

"Every major developer that comes into Syracuse, they ask where are where are the sewer lines where are the water lines how much do we have to pay? What about roads? So they're all very conscious of it," says Miner.

Ortiz says the money in this proposed bill would be used for more than water mains. It would be put toward highways and other roads that need updating.

No word yet when we could see a vote on the bill.