Mayor Stephanie Miner wins primary election

A strong get out the vote effort and a well funded campaign led Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner to an overwhelming victory in the democratic primary for mayor. Early election returns show Mayor Miner with a wide lead over her challengers. With 93% of the vote counted here are the numbers: 3,651 for Miner, 1,936 for Pat Hogan and 1,172 for Alfonso Davis.

While Common Councilor Pat Hogan mounted a tough campaign, Mayor Miner solidified her win for the Democratic nomination after defending a first term which included a push for school reforms and growth in downtown.

She was able to win even after Governor Andrew Cuomo opted not to endorse her. That came after a bitter feud over a solution proposed by Governor Cuomo to ease the burden on cities for the growing costs of pensions.

Pat Hogan based his campaign on reopening fire station 7 after Mayor Miner's controversial closure over budget issues. He made a big push with his 19 ward in 19 days to hit every neighborhood in the city. Hogan addressed rumors he will be running on the Republican mayoral ticket for the general election, saying there has been a lot of speculation, but that he has not been approached by the Republican Party.

Alfonso Davis ran a grass roots campaign with a low campaign budget. He based his campaign on rallying the support from those in the city who believe they are "invisible." He said late Tuesday the he hopes the Mayor governs with that perspective in mind. As financial planner, he touted his expertise with managing money in calling for a fix to the city's budget problems.