Medical Examiner rules Carol Wood's cause of death "inconclusive"

The Onondaga County Medical Examiner could not determine how Carol Wood died.

The office performed an examination of the skeletal remains that were removed from Woodâ??s vehicle, which was found submerged in the Oswego River in June.

The remains were also examined by a forensic anthropologist, who says that the skeletal remains did not show any signs of trauma or injury.

At this time, the cause and manner of death are undetermined.

The Oswego Police Department is continuing the investigation into how Wood and her vehicle came to be in the river.

Investigators are reviewing their case file to determine whether there are any leads based on old reports, in light of the recent recovery of Woodâ??s remains.

The Oswego Police Department and District Attorneyâ??s office ask if anyone has any info that they please call 315-342-8120.