Meet Zarina, a "golden" addition to the Syracuse Zoo

Meet Zarina,

the youngest Patas Monkey

, and "golden" addition to the
Rosamond Gifford Zoo.

After nearly one week of voting, the community selected the name submitted by Marishka Biela, 7, from Bernhard's Bay.

was born November 30th, but staff only recently determined the sex. The Syracuse zoo pitched six names to the community to vote on.

Choices for boys' names were Harry Patas, Jabari, and Jabu. Zarina was chosen over Cheche and Kenya, earning 54.5 percent of the votes.

Zarina is an African word, meaning "golden." It's an appropriate choice for the newest Patas Monkey; they're usually found in West Africa.

Zarina is the second baby born to parents Sara and M.J. Her brother, Ty, was born earlier in the year, on January 17.

She also has two half sisters, D.J. and Kibibi.

You can keep an eye on Zarina throughout your work day by checking the zoo's web cam.