Meet baby Angela, one of Syracuse's first Leap Year babies of 2012

Angela Carmen Wright

Meet Angela Carmen Wright, all six pounds and fifteen ounces of her.

Angela was born just after midnight at Crouse Hospital Wednesday, making her one of the first Leap Year babies of 2012.

Angela's parents Carnyce and Andre Wright of Syracuse, couldn't be more proud of their newest addition to the family though Andre says having a daughter with a birthday every four years does present them with some unique challenges. "Technically, she will be four years old for her sweet 16 so I'm trying to see how that's going to be. I wonder what the DMV is going to say about her getting her license," he says.

While some of us might like the idea of having a birthday once every four years, Carnyce and Andre want Angela to celebrate her birthday every year, so Carnyce says they've come up with a solution. "Whichever day she wants to celebrate, the 28th or the 1st, we will do something special. So she feels special every year." Andre says it doesn't matter to him what day his daughter celebrates her birthday since as far as he's concerned every day will be her birthday. "It's my job to make her feel special so I'm always gonna continue to do that," he says.

Angela Carmen Wright, a special baby born on a special day.