Meet Republican Congressional candidate John Katko

Lifelong Camillus resident John Katko had a discussion about running for Congress with his family. One of his teen boys was convinced that if his Dad won, he would be getting limo rides to school with the Secret Service. Not quite.

Katko, 51, has lived in Camillus his entire life, aside from a stint in Washington after law school. His wife Robin is a registered nurse and the couple has three teen boys and a black lab named Sadie.

Asked what kind of Republican candidate he would be, Katko said: "I'm a social conservative and a fiscal conservative, but I'm also a pragmatist. Social issues don't rule the day in Washington, it is our fiscal side that will," Katko said.

Over the weekend Katko won the Republican designation among committee members in the 24th Congressional District. The seat is currently held by Democrat Dan Maffei. In a statement to CNYcentral, Maffei campaign manager Kane Miller said: "Representative Maffei is focused on creating jobs, growing the local economy, and strengthening the middle class in Central New York."

"He hasn't done anything, he's really not accomplished anything," Katko said. "And when it comes to the debt, every single American is on the hook for $123,000.00 and all I hear about from Washington is about another spending program, it is not right," Katko added.