Meet the Candidates: 23rd Congressional District Primary

Doug Hoffman

Voters will decide on Tuesday who will run on the Republican party line in the 23rd Congressional District race.

The race gained national attention last year. Democrat Bill Owens won after competing against Republican nominee Dede Scozzafava and Conservative Doug Hoffman. On the Saturday before election day, Scozzafava suspended her campaign and endorsed Owens. Scozzafava had taken heat from members of her own party for not being "conservative" enough.

Now, Hoffman is back, and this time he hopes to run with the support of the Republican party right off the bat. He told voters he's the best man for the job.

"I'm a community leader. I raised my family here," says Hoffman. "I know the struggles people go through in this district because I've been dealing with them my whole life."

His opponent is Matt Doheny. Doheny grew up in Alexandria Bay and has spent the past ten years working in the business world. He left Deutsche Bank in 2008.

Although Hoffman has criticized Doheny for leaving the district, Doheny says his experience will help him if he's elected to Congress.

"I'm the one that understands actually how to invest in and turn around troubled companies," says Doheny. "I'm the person who can actually try to move things forward and revitalize the 23rd Congressional District."

Doheny says he's traveled about 70,000 miles since his campaign began. On the campaign trail Monday, he told voters he was the only conservative who could beat Bill Owens.

"The reality is, people have a choice," says Doheny. "If they vote for me, we will take this seat back. If they vote for my opponent, not the case."

Hoffman says he thinks he win this time. He says there won't be the factor of Dede Scozzafava suspending her campaign at the last minute, and he thinks constituents are unhappy with Bill Owens' actions in Congress.

"Somebody like that, who's making promises to people of the 23rd district and doesn't keep it when he gets to Washington must retire. Voters must retire him," says Hoffman.

No matter who wins the primary Tuesday night, both candidates will have their names on the ballot in November. That's because Doheny has picked up the support of the Independence Party line and Hoffman has been endorsed on the Conservative Party line.

About 160,000 Republicans are eligible to vote in this primary. Hoffman will be in Lake Placid Tuesday, and Doheny will be in Watertown.

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