Meet the Syracuse student who introduced The President

Emilio Ortiz, who introduced President Obama at Henninger High School. Nearby is the speech he gave, which The President signed.

Emilio Oritz kept a secret for three days, and it was a big one. He had been chosen to introduce President Barack Obama during Thursday's speech at Henninger High School in Syracsue. Ortiz says he was shaking through the entire introduction. His speech touched on the "Say Yes: Program, in which he is a participant. He does not relish public speaking, "I'm such a shy speaker, so this was really incredible," he recounted.

Emilio doesnt remember much from his interaction with President Obama backstage, prior to the introduction. "I told him thanks for being here - and that it means a lot for him to come to a school in Syracuse," Ortiz said. The President signed his typed speech, with a message of thanks.

Ortiz will graduate next May from Corcoran. He plans to attend Ohio State or Syracuse University and study to become a physical therapist.