Meth lab busted in family-friendly Cortland neighborhood

Meth Lab discovered after smoke seen pouring out of Cortland apartment.

It was a typical night in this family-friendly Cortland neighborhood. Just before 7pm Wednesday night, Danielle Parker put her children to bed and was reading a book when she smelled smoke.

"The HAZMAT crew got here and then the firemen came and they're parked right out front our house with the big lights on. They set up a tent and a table and stools," says Parker.

When police arrived on scene they smelled ammonia and realized there was a meth lab inside apartment number two at 34 Union Street.

"You could kind of smell chemicals and after finding out what that smell was I recall smelling it before," says Parker.

Parker and her children were told to evacuate because police were afraid of a potential explosion. Crews were on scene until 5am Thursday morning.

Matthew Stone, 28, of Cortland, Savannah Webster, 22, of Little York, and Joshua Marshall, 30, of Cortland were arrested. They were all charged with criminal possession and unlawful manufacture of methamphetamine.

Their neighbor Fred Sherman says it was like a scene out of a movie.

"It was kind of surreal because you wouldn't expect it in a neighborhood. You might expect it in another part of town because there are a lot of kids on this street you wouldn't expect that," says Sherman.

Parker took her kids to the doctor Thursday to make sure they weren't exposed to any harmful chemicals.

The investigation is ongoing and additional charges are pending.