Methamphetamine Training offered to area police

With more people cooking meth, police are training to detect illegal labs and realize hazards as they make busts

Area police agencies are getting some help from Homeland Security, in combatting the growing problem of meth.

Oneida Nation Police are sponsoring next week's training, being done by Homeland Security. Police Chief Joe Smith says invitations to attend were sent to 'rural' departments that adjoin the Oneida homeland in Oneida and Madison Counties, with a 'sellout' expected.

Chief Smith says the illegal manufacture of meth is a growing problem, especially for rural areas, and law enforcers need to know how to recognize the methamphetamine culture as well as the hazards of busting a lab that cooks the volatile drugs.

With the Nation's Turning Stone Casino drawing more business and more potential 'customers' to the area, law enforcers want to stay current with trends in this national epidemic.

The course, to be taught by Homeland Security as part of an effort to beef up rural policing, is one in a series of planned workshops. Others planned include dealing with sexual and domestic abuse, and police digital photography. For more information, or 829-8305.