Mexico man charged with impersonating officer

New York State police have arrested a 40 year-old man who they say impersonated law enforcement.

Christopher Hughes is charged with criminal impersonation and various other vehicle and traffic violations.

Police were first alerted on Monday by the Town of Volney Fire Chief. Fire personnel noticed a suspicious vehicle in February as they responded to a scene involving downed wires on a roadway.

Fire personnel said a white Ford Crown Victoria equipped with red, white and blue emergency lights was parked near the scene. They also spotted several fixed and hand-held police radios mounted in the car and Hughes wearing First Responder clothing.

The Volney Fire Chief located the car on Monday and asked Hughes about the February incident. Police say that during this time Hughes displayed a gold, law enforcement-style badge with a New York State seal. Police say he told the Fire Chief his organization was funded by New York State police and that gave him the authority to use emergency lights in his car.

State police began to look into the incident and arrested Hughes on Monday. Anyone with additional information about Hughesâ?? action is asked to call state police investigators at 598-2112.