Mexico neighbors dealing with damage after strong wind and hail

Wind whipped through Mexico, breaking dozens of windows and knocking down trees.

MEXICO, N.Y.--- The night turned upside-down for neighbors in Mexico as they say they're lucky to be alive after what they describe as what looked like a tornado whipped through in a matter of seconds.

They say it sounded like a freight train ramming through the area, mixed with loud banging and crashing as strong winds broke windows and knocked down trees.

The hail the came out of the sky was scattered all over, a reminder of of what neighbors are calling moments of terror.

"I thought I was gone I seriously thought I was going to die only thought that crossed my mind was that I hope my wife knows I love her so I grabbed the cat and I sat there and I said if we go we go together," said Jeff Granger.

"Yeah I started to hear these loud bangs like hell when he looked out it was coming down and that it seems like they got bigger as it progressed and I looked out and in my pool it seem like the water was going up there like this bouncing up from the hail hitting it," said mobile home park owner Sandra Schuler.

Neighbors say they will wake up and start to process the damage and what happened so quickly to their homes.

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