Michele Bachmann Newsweek photo controversy: What do you think?

Michele Bachmann on cover of Newsweek / Courtesy: Newsweek

There's political controversy surrounding, what some believe, is an unflattering photo of Republican Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann. She appears on the cover of Newsweek.

All week, conservatives have been lashing out at the magazine, saying it tried to make her look crazy. Newsweek's editor says the photo shows intensity, and they didn't intend to make her look crazy. "The intensity in her eyes is in all of the photographs of her," Editor Tina Brown told MSNBC. "There is something about Michele Bachmann, the eyes looking out. Good morning everyone."

This has been comedy gold for comedians. The late night comics have been having a field day with this story. Read what Jon Stewart says about the controversy.

For her part, Michele Bachmann isn't commenting on the photo and neither is her campaign.

But online, blogs are all abuzz.

Here's what some people are saying about this cover online:

"...I want to focus on the issues rather than those crazy look. But what has Bachmann said that not crazy, deranged, historically inaccurate, pure lie and totally clueless -- and worth debating?" one person wrote.

"...the unflattering photo of Michelle Bachmann is another example of the liberal media using its platform to slam conservative politicians. I am not a fan of Bachmann; however, the photo and article both smack of junior high mean girl tactics. The columnist and the editor take delight in putting those who are not of their political persuasion in a most unflattering light. " another said.

"This cover and coverage is why I dropped my subscription to Newsweek. It is not balance or fair coverage. Shame on you NEWSWEEK!" wrote another reader.

"I have never seen a photo of Bachmann where she looks anything but a little crazy," said another.

What do you think about the photo and the headline? Did Newsweek intentionally portray Bachmann in a bad light? Should she respond to it? Is this getting blown out of proportion? Do you even care or are you more concerned about important issues like the economy? Leave your thoughts below.