Midnight Madness aims to keep J-D Sports afloat

J-D Boosters plan Saturday night's event to save Modified sports

Saturday night's 'Midnight Madness' event has put boosters in the Jamesville-Dewitt School District over the top in an effort to save the district's Modified Sports program.

Patricia Mussi says the 'Save JD Sports' Committee needs to raise $48,000 by the end of the year, and was about $8,000 short heading into the night.

She says money raised Saturday night plus online donations that have not yet been tallied up will give them the money needed.

The money will let the district--hit by budget cuts -- keep coaches on staff at all levels, and would restore budgets for traveling officiating, and equipment.

Now the focus shifts to the future -- where close to $70,000 could be needed next school year to keep athletic funding sufficient for the whole year.

Boosters are planning to raise money, but will also work with the District and Board of Education to get money restored to the athletic department.