'Miracle baby' born 18 weeks early


Rochester, N.Y. – Weighing just over one pound at birth, Madison Grace Jones is one of the tiniest babies ever born at Strong Memorial Hospital.

Her mother, Lisa Snyder, was not due until October, so it was a shock when doctors told her she was in labor during her 22nd week of pregnancy.

“They’re like, well, you know what – you’re in labor,” Snyder said. “I laughed because I’m not due until October! There’s no way I’m in labor right now.”

Snyder was told she needed to hang on for another two days – to week 23 – to give her daughter a chance.

“Twenty-three weeks are at the very margin of the babies that we can support,” said Dr. Carl D’Angio, Chief of Neonatology at Golisano Children's Hospital. “If you look just a week older, there’s a huge change in our ability to care for those infants.”

Born 18 weeks early, little Madison Grace needs a lot of care. Breathing tubes and daily x-rays help support organs that are still being formed.

“The major difficulty she’s having right now is with her lungs. These are lungs that haven’t even developed the airspaces yet” Dr. D’Angio said.

Snyder and her fiancé, Samuel Jones, now live each day in the moment. Snyder says she can’t get over how little Madison’s hands are.

“I get super excited because she just kind of grabs right ahold of your finger. It’s something I look forward to every day – it just makes me feel complete.”

Madison will remain in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit until October.

A "Miracles for Madison" Facebook page has been set up provide updates on her progress.

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