Missing Oneida Bay Marina dock located in neighborâ??s marina

Dock in Oneida Bay Marina, Cicero

A 32-foot long missing dock has been found just 200-yards west of Oneida Bay Marina in Cicero where it was reported missing from.

Lakeshore Road neighbor Jim Caster told Onondaga County Sheriff's deputies he saw the dock floating in his marina on Saturday morning.

He says he tied it up, because he didn't know who it belonged to, until he saw the story on the news Tuesday morning. Caster then contacted the Sheriffâ??s Office, who notified the owner.

The dock's owner, Avi Avraham, has since come to retrieve it.

Investigators say it is unknown at this time how the dock broke free from the Oneida Bay Marina. They say that if it did break free, it would makes sense that it would have floated into Caster's private marina because the water flows from east to west.