Missing Syrian medical student has Liverpool ties

This Syrian medical student, a US citizen, has been missing since early this month. His uncle, from Liverpool, says he's in prison as anti-government violence continues there.

A Liverpool man says his brother's son, a US citizen who's a medical student in Syria, has been imprisoned, as anti-government violence continues.

Sam Char tells us that his nephew, Abdel Kader Char, was born here but the family moved to Syria several years ago. The whole family, including his brother, a graduate of Albany College of Pharmacy, holds US citizenship, so Sam Char has asked US Senator Chuck Schumer to help find him. Schumer's office tells us they've contacted the State Department's Office of American Services, which is trying to track the 22 year old.

Abdel Kader is a medical student, and was due in this country next month, to do a six week's rotation at the Cleveland Clinic.