Missing woman's family widens search

One year after Bethanie Dougherty went missing, her family is not giving up on finding her. On Sunday, they're in Albany, at Center of Hope, for National Missing Person's Day. Terry Curtis, her father, is also working on cold case cards. Bethanie's set to be included in the next deck that's printed, and Curtis says he wants to see the cards distributed, not selectively, but to every prison and jail in the state.The posters offering a reward are still up around Killawog, the community on the Cortland-Broome County line where neighbors reported hearing screams for help April 1st, a year ago. Bethanie has not been seen since, and law enforcers have no clues in her disappearance. Bethanie's father has, also, printed up small hand cards, with calendars on the back, hoping that more people will see his daughter's picture and make a connection. There is a reward being offered in the Bethanie Dougherty case. You can call the Broome County Sheriff's Office at 607 778-1911, or check