Mission accomplished in Far Rockaway for Operation Sandy Relief

Santa Claus adds some cheer to the 'party' for Sandy victims in Far Rockaway

Operation Sandy Relief is back from its 'Merry Thanksgiving' mission, the third to bring help to residents of Far Rockaway, in Queens.

The relief effort started as some Communications Workers of America union members, who work at Verizon in the Syracuse area, taking in donations, and now includes groups and individuals, and corporate help from all over Upstate.

This time, a Caz Limo bus took supplies and people down to set up 100 feet of toys, and a parallel table of cleaning supplies, under a tent put up by a rehab contractor. Santa spread cheer as the group also fed (with donated food) neighbors who are still struggling.

The Operation Sandy Relief Facebook Page has more pictures and comments (also see the pictures attached to this story)---but this is perhaps the best thank you, from one of the neighbors:

"My neighbors received the best Christmas celebration ever. Over 1,500 people were served homemade soup and sandwiches. 230 children's face were painted and over 2,500 toys were given away to our children, three churches, one children's hospital and one neighboring town. Where do you ever see those kinds of numbers?"