Mission: Nepal update

Katmandu, Nepal --a medical team from Syracuse is here doing joint replacement surgeries. See the video for more

The orthopedic team from Syracuse is on track for its goal of 100 joint replacements in four days, as Mission: Nepal is underway.

The all-volunteer team of 50, headed up by Doctors Brett and Seth Greenky and staffers from Syracuse Orthopedic Specialists, arrived in Nepal late last week and 'acclimatized' before the marathon operations. An email from Katmandu tells us they're in the operating rooms (four of them, 'built' with 15,000 pounds of materials and supplies shipped from Syracuse) at 6:30am and working til 7pm, plus night visits to patients---not much time for sighseeing, though we do have some pictures of the city (look at the video).

After the team comes home next week, they plan to do knee and hip replacements for Central New Yorkers who also cannot afford the operations. Check our previous story for information on signing up, and for more on Operation Walk.