Mixed verdict reached in trial of man accused of shooting an Ithaca Police Officer

Jamel Booker/Officer Anthony Augustine

A Tompkins County jury came back with a mixed verdict in the trial of the man accused of shooting an Ithaca Police Officer.

Jamel Booker, 23, was on trial for the shooting of Officer Anthony Augustine last October. The jury could not come to a unanimous decision on the first degree attempted murder charge.

"The hung jury on the most serious charge is a blow to the men and women who serve and protect our community," Acting Ithaca Police Chief John Barber released in a statement late Thursday afternoon.

The jury did find Booker guilty on the other seven counts, including assault on a police officer, assault, criminal possession of stolen property, criminal possession of a weapon, criminal use of a firearm and tampering with physical evidence.

Officer Augustine was shot on October 11, 2012 during a foot chase. Police had pulled Booker over when he was spotted driving a car that was reported stolen. Officer Augustine was shot in the chest and spent a week in a Syracuse hospital for treatment.

Prosecutors contended Booker intended to kill Officer Augustine. Booker's attorney said his client had no plan to kill the officer and was just trying to get away.

Booker is scheduled to be sentenced on June 28.

Read the complete Statement from Acting Chief of Ithaca Police John Barber 4/22/2013:

"On October 11, 2012 Ithaca Police Officer Anthony Augustine was shot in the line of duty. Thankfully, Officer Augustine survived and is still recovering today. There was clear and convincing evidence that Jamel Booker was the person who shot Officer Augustine, including his own confession. After due process in Tompkins County Court, Jamel Booker was found guilty of shooting Officer Augustine, however he was not convicted of the most serious charge, that of Attempting to Intentionally Kill a Police Officer. The hung jury on the most serious charge is a blow to the men and women who serve and protect our community, but it will not bend our commitment to providing the citizens of Ithaca with the best possible police service.

"Officer Augustine is alive today thanks to his will to survive. The courage that Officer Augustine has displayed in refusing to allow evil to prevail since that fateful night in October is the epitome of what the Ithaca Police Department strives to achieve each day. During the court proceedings the show of support from members of the extended law enforcement family displays our united support for Officer Augustine and our pursuit of justice.

"I will continue to stand by the men and women of the Ithaca Police Department, who proudly wear the IPD uniform each day and provide the highest level of police service. I thank them for their continued dedication and commitment. I would like to personally thank the many police departments and other professionals in the emergency services fields whose contributions helped in the prosecution of this case, specifically: The New York State Police, The Tompkins County Sheriffâ??s Department, The Tompkins County District Attorneyâ??s Office, and the men and women of The Ithaca Police Department."