Mobile Bootcamp works at getting Syracusans in shape

Getting in shape with H2Fitness. No set locations, but you can find them through social media

There is a movement taking place in Syracuse to get the city, well, moving.

H2Fitness, co-owned and operated by Syracuse natives Juvar "JT" Houston and Alana Hughes, is the leader of that movement. After noticing how unfit those in his community were, Houston decided to start up his mobile bootcamp.

"The movement actually started with four teachers who were training outdoors with very little equipment." JT say. "In less than a month, we went from those four people to 20 people and it kept growing from there."

Hughes joined Juvar's business after she went through his program herself. "Originally when I started, I was training in the trenches along with everyone else. So." says Hughes, " I started working out, lost the weight, then became part business owner."

Now, the two of them are responsible for helping over 400 people from around the city get fit.

Their movement has expanded with the use of Facebook. The H2Fitness fan page and Facebook groups are filled with motivational quotes, photos and videos to help keep their clients inspired. Success stories and even confessions of weakness are also posted by loyal members. (You can also follow them on their website)

Allison Ramsey is one of many H2Fitness clients who shares her stories. In just over a year of training with the organization, she has managed to shed almost 90 pounds. She now credits them for making her happier, and even saving her life. "I really don't know where I'd be if I didn't get that added push that I needed from day one. I don't know." Allison says, "...I don't know if I would even be here still. Just having them in my corner, pushing me through, I very much appreciate it. I love them."

While JT and Alana take pride in assiting those like Ramsey reach their goals, they aren't satisfied just yet. In the near future they hope to get more children involved in their movement toward a more active and healthier lifestyle.~Quindell Williams, Multi-media Journalist, CNYCentral