Mock DWI teaches West Genesee students about the dangers of drinking and driving

Emergency crews rush to the scene of a two-car crash in Camillus. As accidents go, this is a bad one. At least one person is dead several others are injured. As crews race against time to free the victims police determine the driver of one of the cars has been drinking.

Fortunately this is only a simulated accident designed to give junior and seniors at West Genesee High School a realistic reminder of what can happen when they make the decision to drink and get behind the wheel.

Friday night is West Geneseeâ??s senior ball and Superintendent Chris Brown hopes the graphic images from the demonstration will stay with students long after it's over.

"I have great conversations with students after these demonstrations happen. It really sends the message home that there are some significant consequences for poor decisions," says Superintendent Brown.

West Genesee student Vince McCauley is one of the participants in Fridayâ??s reenactment. He says the realism of the accident really brings to light the dangers of drinking and driving.

"The fact that everyone was snickering and laughing in the very beginning, and the moment the 911 call happened and they started sawing at the car everyone was just totally silent. I feel like it totally hit home for kids who were wavering what they should do tonight," says McCauley.

While the blood shed during Fridayâ??s reenactment was fake, students say the message was very real. Make the decision to drink and drive, and you could wind up paying for that decision with your life.