Mohawk community prays for families of both the victims and the gunman

Community holds prayer vigil


he Village of Mohawk remembered those who were killed in these shootings throughout the Mohawk Valley. Members from the congregation of Christian Bible Church held a prayer vigil to help them heal after these tragic events. The families of those who passed on were on the minds of those who came out to ask for forgiveness and strength. This congregation isn't only praying for the families of the victims, but also for the family of Kurt Meyers.

Bob Astit is a member of this congregation who came out to reach out to the Lord in prayer. "

Jesus Christ died on the cross for everyone, and sin is sin

," says Astit.

Alan Miller is a former pastor from a local church.
"We know that God can do things that we can't do, so we bring our prayers to Him," says Miller.

Barbara Brewer is another member from this congregation who came out to the vigil. "We have the family on our minds and we would like to bless the family and lift them up to the Lord, the Lord heals," says Brewer.

Michael Ransear was one of the victims in yesterdays shootings and this congregation remembered him for the great man that he was. "He was a gentle guy but very vividly he knew Christ," says Astit. "Usually on Sunday's we sat next to him and got to knowing him and he seemed like a very nice man, a very nice family man," says Brewer.