Monday is a big deadline for signing up for healthcare

You must sign up by Monday if you want healthcare insurance by New Year's Day

Monday (December 23) is the signup deadline if you want a new insurance policy under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Steve Wood, who's the Community Health Coordinator for ACR Health (which covers several Upstate counties) says there've been a lot of confusing changes in who's eligible for what, but it's worth a check to see if you can save money and get better coverage.

Wood, interviewed on Sunday's Weekend Today in Central New York, says navigators can help get you through the computer program in less than two hours, and especially for people who were buying all their insurance on their own (often self-employeds) the savings can be substantial.

Monday is the deadline to sign up if you want insurance by the New Year, January 15th for a February 1 start, and the open enrollment ends on March 31. Medicaid (many people in New York are newly eligible) has a rolling enrollment, open all year long.

The NY State website to enroll is If you'd like to work with a Navigator (a person who knows the systems) ACR Health is at 800 475-2430 or Their services are free