More angry customers come forward on Spinella's

A n empty parking lot, an empty building, and empty promises. N ot what C indi Mendoza was looking for when she showed up at Spinella's Auto Sales in Mattydale. The temporary registration tag on her Pontiac G6 expires this weekend. Mendoza says, "I keep getting told they'll call me back, nobody ever calls me back. I went to the DMV yesterday and they told me no papers were filed for the registration on my car."

C indi says Spinella told her he was meeting with DMV officials yesterday to work things out, and to expect a call with answers. She never got one, so we pressed Spinella today. "There is a process, I really shouldn't be discussing it. There is a process that these people will be contacted by their lawyers or the DMV," says Mendoza.

DMV officials tell Action News they are investigating complaints lodged against Spinella's. Ed McCarthy took matters into his own hands. Spinella's was no help when his temporary registration expired, so he contacted the DMV to fix it. They did, but Ed says he still doesn't have a title, and now he's getting threats. "I was contacted by the owner, the people he didn't pay off. He can pretty much get it anytime he wants," says McCarthy.

W hich is why McCarthy makes sure co-workers keep his truck blocked in with their cars while he's at work.

DMV officials say Spinella's had a clean record until this point. It is seeing this happen to many dealers across the state as the economy sours. Finances snowball out of control and sometimes customers are caught in the mess.