More buses headed to New York State Fair

More buses headed to New York State Fair

It is a favorite way for thousands to get to the fun, food and rides of the New York State Fair.

"It wasn't crowded at all. We didn't wait long. You just go in. Grab your ticket and get on the bus," Megan Janssen said.

On Friday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said it is going to become even easier.

Not only has new park and ride spot opened near John Glenn Boulevard and Ferrall Road - the state is also sending in reinforcements.

A fleet of buses from across the state are on their way in hopes they will ease the traffic congestion around the fairgrounds.

""It's a lot easier and I think the traffic would be a lot better too. Some people can't afford to drive to thefair and the bus is the way to go," Shawna Fleming said.

The 16 buses are expected to transport 1,000 passengers an hour.

Authorities are encouraging fair goers to ditch the car and hop on the bus.

With record breaking attendance numbers last year, fair administrators said parking was the biggest problem last year and say the extra buses are welcomed addition and so do fair goers.

"I think an time you can relieve congestion. Less aggravation for everybody before the even get through the door," Joyce Hutchinson said.

Walking through the door in a good mood and ready to enjoy the New York State Fair.

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