More Central New Yorkers choosing to stay close to home this Memorial Day weekend

Campers at Green Lakes

Debbie Anderson and Donna Follett live in Syracuse, but for years their families have spent their Memorial Day weekend camping at nearby Green Lakes State Park.

"Gas wise it's just economical we're only 20 minutes away from the campground, the deer, the wildlife, it's just economical,â?? Anderson says.

Economics are a big reason more Central New Yorkers are spending their Memorial Day weekends closer to home. Thatâ??s why campsites at Green Lakes are hard to come by.

Green Lakes State Park Manager Jim Semar appreciates the local campers staying home. "Our phones are ringing off the hook all weekend with people looking for campsites that we don't have. It's nice to be full. I wish we had more full campsites to accommodate the extra load,â?? Semar said.

Itâ??s not just Green Lakes State Park that is seeing more campers. Statewide, more than 57 million people visited New York State Parks last year, a big increase from the year before.

Staying closer to home will certainly save you time and money, and also brings an appreciation to the natural beauty that is right in our back yard.