More complaints about rules at Oneida cemetery

Valley View cemetery is closed in winter--more people with loved ones buried here want that to change.

A story we did last week, on an Oneida cemetery's 'closed in winter' policy, has brought more complaints.

In an email to CNYCentral, Jim Gleasman, whose two and a half month old daughter Megan Ashley is buried there, says "the pain from that is overwhleming enough but some of the things that happened at the cemetery after she was laid to rest only added to the hurt." The winter closure is one concern, but so is the policy on grave decorations:

"The cemetery had a certain spot near the facility's garage," says Gleasman, " where such items that the staff felt didn't conform to policy would be discarded in a "pile". We were initially not told about this and we were devastated the first time this happened, we replaced the items thinking they had been stolen. We found out that the staff had removed the items and discarded them." Gleasman says wind chimes, small pinwheels and other 'children's gifts' were among the items dumped, so he and the child's mother went to a cemetery board meeting, where they were told about the policies.

"The lady in charge of the board (I don't recall her name) went on to say (in her own words verbatim) that "the items we had placed at our daughter's headstone made the place look like a carnival, like Sanford and Son" as she turned to other board members and chuckled. As if that were not enough insult, we were then told that we could have our daughter moved from the cemetery if we did not agree with the rules.

Gleasman says he now feels that for raising the issues, his daughter's gravesite is being singled out: "What I can't understand is we observed numerous other gravesites with items on them similar to ours that were never removed (and they shouldn't be) yet ours continued to get singled out after raising a stink at the board meeting."

Gleasman would like to see policies changed, as would the mother we spoke with last week (click to read her story). What do you think?