More evidence of EEE and West Nile found in Oswego County, aerial spraying planned for Thursday

More mosquito test pools have tested positive for Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) and West Nile virus in Oswego County.

The Oswego County Health Department says a mosquito test pool in the Town of West Monroe and another near the village of Central Square both tested positive for EEE. Two test pools near Central Square and one in Monroe all tested positive for West Nile virus.

Aerial spraying for mosquitoes is scheduled for Thursday evening if the weather permits. Spraying had been postponed several times last week due to the cooler weather.

The area that will be sprayed is the Toad Harbor and Big Bay Swamp area, near the north shore of Oneida Lake. That area includes about 10,000 acres within the following boundaries: U.S. Route 11 in Central Square to the west; NYS Route 49 to the north; up to, but not including the village of Constantia to the east; and the shoreline of Oneida Lake to the south. Aerial spraying will not take place over Oneida Lake.

Anyone living within the boundaries listed above will be notified of the aerial spraying by the Oswego County Hyper-Reach program. Neighbors are asked to close all windows and doors, and keep them closed until 9 p.m.

People living in the spray area are being cautioned to:

- Keep pets indoors

- Close the vents on window air conditioners to prevent outside air from entering homes

- Bring outdoor toys, furniture and clothing on a clothesline inside

- Close your car windows and vents if you're driving through the area while spraying is taking place

- Cover outdoor gardens or thoroughly rinse homegrown fruits and vegetables before cooking or eating them

If poor weather conditions force aerial spraying to be postponed again, residents will be notified through the news media and information will be posted on the Oswego County website.