More questions than answers in death of teen

Logan Goncalves / photo courtesy Facebook

Friends of Logan Goncalves are mourning the loss of the Central Square teen. Goncalves, 15, was found dead in a home on County Route 11 in the Town of Parish over the weekend.

Goncalves' friends gathered at one of his favorite places, Kennedy Park in North Syracuse, on Monday to remember him.

Tim Huff says he's known Goncalves since they were young boys.

"He's just one of those kids that could always make me smile, always make me laugh," says Huff. "You knew you could go to him about anything. He wouldn't judge you, you could trust him with anything."

Huff says Goncalves loved sports, and he would often swim, ride his skateboard, or play volleyball at Kennedy Park. Tonight, his friends held a vigil to remember his life.

"He always had a smile on his face, and didn't let things bug him," said Natasha Shaw. "He was always there when you needed him, a shoulder to cry on when you needed it, a person to catch you when you fell. He was just always there."

Jonte McCall helped set up a Facebook page in Goncalves' honor.

"He loved every bit of his family," says McCall. "This is just a tragedy that never should have happened or occurred."

The people who gathered at Kennedy Park say they're hoping to get answers soon about their friend's death. The Oswego County Sheriff's Office says it's still trying to piece together why Goncalves, Anthony Patla, 22, and David Quinn, 28, were all found dead in the home.

Goncalves' friends say they don't know who would want to harm him.

"He was just the ideal person that was a great kid," says Huff. "If this didn't happen, I have no doubt, he would have done something great in his life."