More stores opening on Thanksgiving Day

<font size="2">Shoppers at Destiny USA</font>

Forget about Black Friday this year. More stores are planning to open a day earlier on Thanksgiving.

K-Mart plans to open its doors at 6 a.m. and stay open all the way until 10 p.m. Friday. For the first time, Sears and Macy's will open on Thanksgiving and stay open through Friday night.

Here in Central New York, many shoppers aren't too crazy about the idea." "I don't think it's necessary to open that early on Thanksgiving Day," said Ginny Smith. "There are plenty of other days to shop and personally I think that is a family day and the people in the stores need the day off to be with their families."

Wal-Mart, Target and Toys R Us all opened on Thanksgiving last year. Retail analysts say the pressure for stores to open early is greater than every before, especially since many people are staying home and shopping online instead. "I think people should be able to stay home and enjoy thanksgiving with their family," said Judy Fraglla. "I can't imagine anything anyone would need that bad that they would have to go out Thanksgiving."

Retailers are banking on Thanksgiving Day deals to lure shoppers away from their turkey dinners. Many people say it seems the holiday shopping season appears to start earlier and earlier every year. "There already playing Christmas music and Thanksgiving hasn't happened yet. It's a little non-sensical," said Andrew Mallinger."

Starting the holiday shopping season early makes perfect sense to big retailers, so like it or not Thanksgiving could soon become Thanks-shopping for some.