More than 20 animals removed from deplorable Fleming home, again

Over twenty animals were found living in deplorable conditions in a mobile home on Justin Drive in Fleming. The home was recently deemed uninhabitable by a code enforcement officer.Typical tropical birds are very social and talkative. But the fourteen birds taken out of a Fleming trailer on Wednesday are quite different. Most of them are scared and nervous around people.

Cindy Lee from the Beverly Animal Shelter in Waterloo says the birds did not have proper nutrition or care prior to rescue. One macaw is missing a wing and another had already plucked many of its own feathers out when rescuers found him.

The owner of the trailer, Linda Edersheim, was charged with aggravated animal cruelty by the Auburn SPCA and given an appearance ticket. Lee believes Edersheim had good intentions before things got out of control.

â??You have to be able to let it go and letting go is a very, very hard thing especially if you have an emotional attachment to that animal,â?? said Lee.

This is not the first time Linda Edersheim has been accused of animal hoarding. In 2003 she was charged with 62 counts of animal cruelty. In that case, 40 birds and dogs were taken from her trailer.

Under the terms of her plea deal, Edersheim was not allowed to have any animals other than four cats unless her probation officer agreed. It is uncertain as to how she was able to have the animals that were found in her home.

The president of the Beverly Animal Shelter says people who have had hoarding issues need to be supervised since they often don't know their own limits.

â??It only takes one and one of these birds, one of these dogs can eat up two, three hundred dollars in a flash and if you're not ready to take the financial responsibility as well, don't take the animal. Youâ??re not doing them any good,â?? said Dallyn Jenkins.

The fourteen birds are being nursed back to health. Cindy Lee says she will only let them go to homes that are ready for a very long term pet that requires daily maintenance. Lee currently has a macaw that is 68 years old.