More than 30 job cuts proposed by North Syracuse School District

More than 30 positions are on the line, including seven elementary school teacher jobs, as the North Syracuse School District looks to close a budget gap for the 2014-2015 school year. The district held a meeting Monday night to discuss the possible cuts.

"To stay within the tax cap, which we're committed to doing, we have to cut almost $2.3 million dollars from our budget, and we're really left with no choice but to look at positions across the board," said North Syracuse superintendent Annette Speach.

Liz Kasch, a parent of three children in the district, believes the problem is with the state, and that the district is doing the best it can with fewer resources.

"With the restrictions and the Common Core and the things like that that [have been put] onto their plates and the job they need to do, it's been tough," said Kasch. "I think that it starts with the state and it comes right down to the district, and they're doing the best that they can right now."

The district will be looking to gap elimination adjustment from the state as a possible source of funding for the upcoming budget. The district is also dipping into its reserves to make up some of the difference, but reserves pose only a finite solution.

"It's just like a savings account that you have at home," explained Speach. "You can't keep dipping into it and still have money left for emergencies."

North Syracuse senior Dan Quackenbush spoke at Monday night's meeting, suggesting that the district harness technology as a way to save money.

"We need to investigate using free tools like Google apps for education in order to help assist with our budget and cut down the deficit," said Quackenbush.

The district will be adopting the budget on April 7 and voting on the budget on May 20.