More than a thousand theater goers come to see Menopause the Musical even in the snow

Menopause the Musical at the Civic Center.


ven in the snow, Central New Yorkers know how to get around.

Judy Prosser was seeing the show in Syracuse. "I drove in Hannibal to pick up Marie, it was typical, it wasn't bad it had been worse earlier," says Prosser.

More than a thousand people packed in to see Menopause the Musical downtown. Just ask anyone waiting to see the one day showing and they'll tell you missing this show because of the slippery roads was never an option.

Mary Kuppel was coming from her home in Fairmount to see the show with her sister Peggy. "I

t's just so funny it strike the people like me. It'll make you laugh so hard that you cry

," says Kuppel.


I don't mind driving so to me it wasn't an issue. I live up in Onondaga Hill which is a different country all together


so I gave myself more time to get to my sisters house in Fairmount to pick her up

," says Kuppel.

Cathy Ciciarelli came to the Civic Center from her home on James Street in Syracuse. "W

e got a cab and came downtown and didn


t even dare to come down with the vehicles

," says Ciciarelli.


ickets to Menopause the Musical cost as much as 47 dollars, some people say they're going to see this show regardless of the weather, because of the money they spent on this show.

"It's almost like going to Turning Stone and then you put it on the table and hope for the best. There's no guarantees. But it's well worth taking a cab to come down," says Ciciarelli.