Mother accused of leaving newborn in dumpster rejects plea deal

Nicole DeJaynes has rejected a plea offer and according to her attorney, is willing to take her chances at trial because she maintains her innocence.

DeJaynes lawyer, Tom Ryan told reporters that the District Attorney's office offered a sentence of 18 years in prison and Judge Anthony Aloi was willing to accept 15 years. Judge Aloi is keeping the offer on the table and has adjourned the case until February 14th.

Ryan says DeJaynes' baby was stillborn, so she could not be guilty of murder or manslaughter, for which she was indicted. Ryan claims when DeJaynes allegedly abandoned the child's body in the dumpster, his client, "simply panicked."

Prosecutor Rick Trunfio had no comment when leaving the courtroom today.

Investigators say the 30-year-old from Clay gave birth to a newborn nearly one year ago, suffocated her and then put the body in a dumpster behind the Pearl Street apartments in Liverpool. When police found the newborn, they named her Baby Isabella, and made sure she was given a proper burial.

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