Mother of conjoined twins held daughter Allison for the first time

Allison and Amelia Tucker before the separation surgery

The mother of Allison and Amelia Tucker, 8-month-old conjoined twins from Adams, says she was able to hold Allison for the first time after they were separated last week.

In a post on, Shellie Tucker wrote a reflection on the one year mark of the first time she, and her husband Greg, were told the twins were conjoined.

"A year ago today, we found out we were having conjoined twins. And here we are a year later with separated babies. We now just have twins. We have experienced 9 months in a Ronald McDonald House meeting many families. We have spent 9 months learning new birth defects, illnesses, and medical phrases. 9 months of growing as an individual, as a couple, and as a family. 9 months of questions and 9 months of emotions. But here we are, a year later with two beautiful baby girls," wrote Shellie Tucker.

"The girls are making strides in the right direction. They still have a little ways to go but we are moving forward. Today I was able to hold Allison for the first time. It was surreal and wonderful. I held my baby the first time. We need continued prayers. They are very much appreciated. Thank you," wrote Shellie Tucker.

Allison and Amelia were connected from their bellies to their breasts and shared a liver. A team of about 40 medical staff successfully separated the twins last week at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.