"Move Over" and slow down during your Easter travels

During your travels this Easter weekend, don't forget to
slow down and move over for emergency vehicles along the side of the road.

New York State Police will pump up patrols next week from April 1st through April 7th to keep you safe on the highway.

Troopers be on the lookout for speed, and those who do not "Move Over" for emergency or hazard vehicles.

The Ambrose-Searles "Move Over Law" took effect in January, 2011.

The law, named for Trooper Robert W. Ambrose and Onondaga County Sheriff Deputy Glenn M. Searles, requires drivers to switch lanes if they see an emergency or hazard vehicle with its lights activated along the shoulder of the road.

Both men were killed in the line of duty while their patrol vehicles were stopped in such a manner.

Since 2011, troopers have issued more than 25,000 tickets for violators.

In 2012, when hazard vehicles were added to the law, troopers issued an additional 343 tickets for violators of that section.

Hazard vehicles include those with amber lights, such as tow services or maintenance workers.

If you're in a situation where it would be unsafe to switch lanes, you still must slow down.